Our Mission

Based on the recognition of man's essential dignity and eternal destiny, this home is concerned with meeting the health of the people in this community.

Christ's love for man was demonstrated by His healing of the sick; so the Catholic Home must serve all men in charity, regardless of race, creed, or ethnic background.

Safe and comprehensive care includes ministering to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of the residents.

Marian Home Board of Directors

Serving on our Board of Directors for 2017
Name             Position
Bernard Boreland         CEO / Administrator
Enzo Morini           Board Chair
Vito DeSimini           Vice-Chair
Sharad Mistry           Treasurer
Sister Mary William Verhoeven   Missionary Sisters Representative
Sister Monica Ncube          Missionary Sisters Representative
Father Pawel Zborowskei      Rep. of Archbishop of the Diocese
Sylvanna Capogreco        CHSO Representative
Dr. Robert Curridor          Board Member
Vacant               Board Member
Vacant               Board Member – Fundraising Lead
Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the
CEO / Administrator at 905-884-8376



                                 Administrator - Bernard Boreland
               Business Office Manager - Sharon Tsicos

Nursing Administration

                              Director of Care - Erly Valera
                               Rai Coordinator - Sr. Monica Ncube

Enviromental Services

Director of Environmental Services - Sr. Ellen O”neill

Social Services/Activities

                     Director of Programs - Paula Ruttan


            Director of Dietary Services - Pat Freeland